Residential Installation Services

We move in accordance with the chosen strategy

Years of Experience

PV Guru has years of experience installing residential solar projects throughout California, Arizona, and Colorado.  We guarantee we’ve installed solar in your municipality and have experience with your local AHJ and Utility company.  PV Guru provides custom residential installations, as we understand no two roofs are the same.  This is even more accurate regarding residential installations. 

Our Residential Services can supply all racking and BOS parts or we can install your provided parts.  Our prices are based on the project.  We can also provide roofing solutions through trusted roofing contractors where necessary.

We take pride in our installations.

This is our artwork.  PV Guru understands that a person’s home is his or her most valuable asset and prized possession, next to the person’s children.  A little extra time and attention to detail goes a long way.  Our installations reflect this philosophy.